This Photo Of Louis Tomlinson Will Give You Serious Relationship Goals


New life goal: Travel with significant other around the world to recreate famous photographs.

Now, that's probably not exactly what Louis Tomlinson and Danielle Campbell were doing in this new photo, but they were definitely trying to reference the Internet- and Instagram-famous #FollowMeTo series of photos by Murad and Nataly Osmann.

The One Direction superstar and actress in "The Originals" have been dating for a while, but now it seems they finally have the ultimate couple photo thanks to inspiration from the ultimate couple photo series.

Campbell tweeted this photo of Tomlinson on Thursday.

My night light pic.twitter.com/BBhJ8Ldm2L — Danielle Campbell (@daniellemcam) May 19, 2016

First of all, that's just a nice photo, and I want one just like it of myself or my girlfriend.

Second of all, if you haven't seen the #FollowMeTo series of photos, you can see here the compositions are basically the same.

My guess is Campbell probably wanted to compare her and Tomlinson's relationship to that of the Osmanns. Clearly, the Osmanns are in love and living a wonderful life together, and it seems like Campbell thinks the same about her own relationship.

I mean, can you blame her?! She and Louis do make for a great-looking couple.

Here's hoping we all get to see more photos of Campbell and Tomlinson together in the future!

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