Pete Holmes Reveals His Dream Guest Stars For Season 2 Of 'Crashing'


Pete Holmes' brilliant, semi-autobiographical HBO series "Crashing" just wrapped up its first season last month, and now he is hard at work writing Season 2.

The show, which follows the struggling stand-up comedy career of a fictionalized Pete Holmes, features a bevy of famous comedians who help Pete along the way.

The show's first season saw major comedians like Artie Lange, TJ Miller and Sarah Silverman playing fictionalized version of themselves who befriend Pete and advise him on how to get his comedy career to take off. For Season 2, Pete Holmes is dreaming up even more heavy hitters who he really wants to join the show.


I caught up with Pete Holmes at the Tribeca Film Festival, and he filled me in on his dream guest stars for "Crashing."

I've always wanted to find an excuse to work with Steve Martin; I've always wanted to find something he could do on the show. And Dan Ackroyd, that whole school of comedians. I'd love for Pete to talk to someone with that wealth of perspective.

So could we see Steve Martin in the upcoming second season of "Crashing"?

Hopefully, but of course, nothing is confirmed; right now, working with Steve is still just something Pete is dreaming about. It would be an awesome get for "Crashing," though — Steve hasn't appeared in a scripted TV show since a 2008 episode of "30 Rock."

In addition to thinking of his dream guest stars, Pete is hoping to keep the comedians who appeared in Season 1 around for the next season as well. He says that Artie "would definitely come back," and that he's hoping to get Sarah Silverman to reprise her role as well.

We'll just have to wait and see which other famous faces pop up when "Crashing" returns for its second season. Pete says the new season will be eight episodes long, and he's already got five of them written up.