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Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski's date night at the Knicks game. Their body language was mixed, ...

Pete & EmRata's Body Language At The Knicks Game Was Mixed

Looks like first (public) date nerves.

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Live from New York, it’s the buzziest celeb couple of the moment. Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski are dating, y’all, and they got courtside seats to show the world. On Nov. 27, the duo made their public debut at a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. Throughout their sporty date night, it certainly looked like they were hitting it off, but according to an expert, Davidson and Ratajkowski’s body language hinted at some mixed emotions.

Patti Wood, body language expert and author of SNAP: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, tells Elite Daily that PemRata looked “playful and guarded” on their basketball outing. Considering they’ve only been dating for a couple of weeks, that makes sense.

ICYMI, Davidson and Ratajkowski reportedly started seeing each other in early November, so their romance is still pretty new. On Nov. 14, a source told Us Weekly, “Pete and Emily have been talking for a couple months now,” and their connection is “in the very early stages, but both really like each other.”

Considering this is their first time out together in public, some lingering nerves are expected. The silver lining? According to Wood, Davidson and Ratajkowski seemed to be “having fun together.” Ahead, Wood’s full analysis — plus, more pics of PemRata’s night out.

Their Body Language Was Nuanced

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In one photo, Ratajkowski’s leg is crossed over, pointing toward Davidson. Of course, arena seating means they have to sit close to each other, but still, according to Wood, that point of overlap is notable. “It indicates a desire to be close,” she explains. The way Ratajkowsi has her body oriented adds to the intimacy of the moment. “She wants to exclude other people out of their interaction,” Wood guesses. The lean in to whisper is also an “effort to show intimacy.”

And yet, Ratajkowski’s arm placement tells a different story. “Her arm is protectively over her chest and heart, which is a block signal,” Wood explains. According to her, Davidson’s body language is similarly guarded. “His hands are blocking his heart and his pelvis. He’s being polite, but protecting his heart and nether-regions.” Wood adds, “There’s tension in his smile, and he’s not leaning in. He’s more upright.”

They Posed For The Cameras

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Davidson and Ratajkowski might be looking at each other in this photo, but according to Wood, it’s for the cameras. “Their smiles are for photographer. They’re having fun with the public here,” she says. All in all, Wood says the message of this particular picture is: “look at us.”

So, um, how can she tell they’re cheesing for the cameras? “Davidson’s head is back, and his smile is compressed and forced. Ratajkowski’s smile is tight and pulled back,” she explains. (With more genuine smiles, there’s more of a lift in the lips, cheeks, and face.)

They Used Protective Gestures

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In several photos, Wood notes the same protective posture. Here, notice how Ratajkowski’s arm closest to Davidson is “stiff and straight.” “It’s a border wall,” Wood says. “She’s also doing a protective move with hands in between [her] legs.” Ratajkowski is guarding her pelvis here.

Meanwhile, Davidson is protecting his heart and pelvis again. Plus, Wood adds, “His elbow is pointed out. They’re protecting themselves from each other.”

Still, Davidson has a “real smile” in the photo. Per Wood, they’re genuinely “having fun” together, even if they’re not ready to let their guard down just yet.


Patti Wood, body language expert and author of SNAP: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma