People Are Renaming Their Pokémon Based On Hilarious Autocorrect Fails

Twitter/ Adnelle

Now that we've lost our jobs, friends, families and attention to basic hygiene in favor of committing ourselves to nonstop Pokémon GO-ing, our only support system is the collection of teeny Japanese monsters waiting for us on our apps.

Naming these lil' peanuts is vital, seeing as they're the only ones who understand us/how deeply depressing we are as a species.

When Twitter user @Adnelle, AKA Swamp Witch Glenda, was tasked with naming her Pokémon, she texted her remaining friends for advice.

As usual, autocorrect barged in uninvited and, according to Cosmopolitan, changed @Adnelle's text from “Hey guys what should I name my Meowth?” to “Hey guys what should I name my Keith?”

Not one to ignore a clear sign from the universe, she began assigning all her captured Pokémon autocorrected names.

The rest of the Pokémon-obsessed internet followed @Adnelle's lead.

@Adnelle pic.twitter.com/8xFdS0I7aQ — Macus (@commacosby) July 9, 2016
.@Adnelle Yeah this is the best naming system. pic.twitter.com/NVB9CSJ7DZ — Kylo Ruff (@ASpySA) July 9, 2016
@lovewin @Adnelle I was doing this too but I haven't been going out much due to heat (squirtle had no autocorrect) pic.twitter.com/wurrHKHgUk — manny @ unemployed (@PJmannycat) July 9, 2016
@Adnelle pic.twitter.com/eP1YoBAkji — jαdin (@ItsJayCross) July 9, 2016
.@Adnelle I was gonna do this for all of my favorites but I think I'll change it for this one because um :| pic.twitter.com/ZWJ6owQhg4 — kellthulu (@dreamachineries) July 9, 2016
@Adnelle @dj_rocca_87 I decided to do this too! So funny! #pokemongo pic.twitter.com/BnL2EDoarL — Logan (@angellwings) July 9, 2016
At 2am I followed @Adnelle's lead, and.. https://t.co/QJXhdY7Wfs pic.twitter.com/x43BgtYfOh — Scatterplot (@ScatterplotDog) July 9, 2016
@Adnelle pic.twitter.com/iAJkKYuTLe — Caitlin (@Lt_FancyPants) July 9, 2016
@Adnelle this was a good decision pic.twitter.com/V4pLAHDUNn — Fonky Brewster (@golly_loli) July 10, 2016

Just think, after you're gone an Exeggcute named Debbie will deliver the eulogy at your funeral. This is the world we have created for ourselves.

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