These 15 People Who Just Realized They're Beliebers Are All Of Us

by Lydia Mansel

It began very slowly. You might not have even realized it was happening. It probably started when "What Do You Mean?" first appeared on your Pandora.

You nodded along without even realizing who was singing those melodic notes.

A few days later, you heard it again. This time, at a friend's pregame. Without knowing how ignorant you would sound, you shouted,


Everyone looked at you with pure disdain. It was embarrassing. You, a fan of Justin Bieber? Yeah right. You'll always be loyal to Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam (OK, Zayn too).

So, from then on, you ignored it. You refused to listen to it and vowed to hit the "thumbs down" button on Pandora whenever it came on.

A few months went by, and it happened to you again. This time, however, was different.

"Sorry" was different. There was no way you could listen to it just once. You needed it in the morning before work. You needed it to finish your Excel spreadsheet for your boss. You needed it to work out. You needed it to make yourself go out on Friday night.

You didn't want to admit it. But you knew you had to. You are a Belieber.

It's OK. This is who we all have become. We'll just have to stick together.

Yes, I can admit it. I'm now a Belieber. I am one of them.

I know it's confusing. Trust me.

But it wasn't merely an accident.

Justin's influence and talent are very powerful...

...and work very quickly. It all just happened so fast.

But we have joined a loving, welcoming community.

We are starting to use his lyrics in everyday conversation.

This means it really is meant to be.

At least you aren't in this alone.

We all know that feeling, Elizabeth. Don't hate yourself. Accept it.

People of all ages can become Beliebers. There is no age discrimination.

Basically, Justin is magic. This is proof.

You don't have to be embarrassed. Just be honest.

Wyatt, we all feel the way you do.

This is the question we are all asking ourselves.