2021 Olympics
It remains to be seen whether there will be performances at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Here's What We Know About The Performances At This Year's Olympics

It's all shrouded in mystery.


The 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games are just around the corner, and it’s an exciting time for sports for multiple reasons. Live events are finally back underway as coronavirus vaccinations roll out, and despite the Olympics committee banning spectators, the games will still feature some of the top athletic talent in the world. Usually, there would be a stacked schedule of performances to celebrate the opening of the games, but things will look a little different this year as the pandemic is far from over in many countries, including Japan. Here’s what we know about the performances at the 2021 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

The Olympics are slated to kick off on July 23 with a four-hour opening ceremony. What exactly will this entail? Well, although the game is fast approaching, not many details about the ceremony have been disclosed. For this reason, it’s very possible there won’t be performers at the ceremony like usual.

Olympic officials are taking measures to remain as safe as possible while planning this year’s events. According to the New York Times, more than 80 percent of athletes had been vaccinated. Others who will be on the premises, including media and staff members, have also been vaccinated. Despite many of those on-site getting shots, it sounds like the games will be a pared-down experience. At the time of publication, no specific performer names had been announced.


There will be a number of notable public figures in attendance at the Olympics even if there aren’t performances. For example, it was announced Jill Biden will be flying to Tokyo to attend.

Savannah Guthrie will be hosting the Opening Ceremony, and even she has been cryptic about what the ceremony will entail. “I'm told I've been sworn to secrecy,” she told reporters at an NBC preview. “We're hoping that there will still be that energy and excitement, but of course it will be different, just like everything post-pandemic has changed. But they still plan to put on a really big, beautiful, patriotic show,” she promised.