Why Did Olenna Kill Joffrey? A Quick ‘GOT’ Refresher In Case You Forgot


Game of Thrones ended its third episode on a very revealing and bittersweet note this Sunday. Spoiler Alert: this post will discuss the final details of Season 7, Episode 3 of Game of Thrones, "The Queen's Justice." Fans finally had a delicious moment seeing Jaime Lannister learn the truth about how his son Joffrey was killed, but it was quickly followed with the death of one of the most beloved characters on the show. So... why did Olenna kill Joffrey on Game of Thrones in the first place?

Let's rewind back to Season 4 to answer this question. Back then, Joffrey was at the height of his power (and the height of his sadism) as king of the seven kingdoms. Joffrey's reign was pretty much horrible for everyone, although it did help Margaery Tyrell weasel her way into power by seducing and marrying the cruel ruler. While Margaery did grow in power at Joffrey's side, she was also forced to endure his sadistic games.

Thankfully, Margaery always had her cunning grandmother Olenna Tyrell to look after her. The Lannisters may have only seen Olenna as an old woman fond of crocheting and throwing out a few one-liners, but she was also a master strategist. Out of her love for her granddaughter, Olenna poisoned Joffrey and let Tyrion take the blame. Only Margaery knew the truth, after Olenna confessed she couldn't bear to see her granddaughter married to Joffrey any longer.


And leave it to Olenna Tyrell to use her dying words to twist the knife into the Lannisters one last time. At the end of the new episode, Jaime forces Olenna to drink a cup of poisoned wine, which she downs without hesitation. But before she dies, she drops the bomb on Jaime, revealing to him she was the one who poisoned Joffrey's drink, and encouraging Jaime to let Cersei know it was her.

What a legend! We're going to miss you so much, Olenna.