'OITNB' Hit Netflix 6 Hours Early And Everyone Freaked The F*ck Out


"Orange Is the New Black" fans got the surprise of a lifetime last night when the third season was released on Netflix a full six hours early.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced the surprise just after 9 pm on Twitter during the first #OrangeCon celebration in New York City.

As with season two, all 13 episodes of the jailhouse series dropped at once.

Many were waiting until today to binge-watch Piper Chapman's incarceration chronicles as they were originally scheduled for a midnight release.

Unsurprisingly, fans went apesh*t on Twitter.

People immediately went into binge-watch mode...

...after, of course, telling their lesbian aunts.

Everyone ran home.

And emotions ran high.

The anticipation was all too real.

Some even forgot to sleep.

Even Beyoncé couldn't handle it.

And I'm pretty sure this chick already finished it all.

Thank you, Netflix/Pennsatucky/Jesus/Allah/Obama/everyone.

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