Noah Steinbuch playing Danny Zuko in Pepsi's commercial with Doja Cat.

Here's Who Played The Hottie In Doja Cat's Grease-Inspired Pepsi Ad

He's the one that you'll want.


Not only did Doja Cat host and perform at the 2021 VMAs on MTV, she also stole the show during commercial breaks. During the live awards show, Pepsi premiered its newest ad with some help from the buzzy rapper and a fun reference to Grease. While Doja totally slayed the commercial performance, her co-star also turned a lot of heads. For anyone wondering who played Danny Zuko in Doja Cat’s Grease Pepsi ad, here’s what you should know about Noah Steinbuch.

Whenever Pepsi releases a new commercial, it’s always a major pop culture moment given its history of iconic pop-star collaborations. In the past, the soda brand has created hugely memorable ads featuring music superstars like Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and Cardi B, and now it’s Doja Cat’s turn in the spotlight. The ad for Pepsi’s new limited-edition “Soda Shop” line of flavored colas threw it back to the classic Grease, reimagining the musical with Doja in the lead part of good-girl-turned-bad Sandy.

Throughout the commercial, Doja turned out stunning looks while performing a remixed version of “You’re the One That I Want” from Grease. Another element of the commercial that had fans buzzing was the new version of John Travolta’s character, Danny Zuko. Model Noah Steinbuch played the brooding greaser in the ad.

Steinbuch is a professional model signed to BMG Models. He revealed he signed with the agency at the beginning of 2020, and his Instagram account is filled with stunning photos.

While Steinbuch has had a buzzy modeling career in the past couple years, this Pepsi commercial is definitely his biggest break yet. Both he and Doja Cat brought the flirty story of Grease into the 21st century.

The other star of the commercial is, of course, the new Pepsi product it is introducing. The brand’s new Soda Shop line features throwback flavors that’ll make you feel like you’re in a ’50s diner. The new flavors include black cherry and cream soda, making the spoof on Grease all the more perfect. If you can’t get “You’re the One That I Want” out of your head after checking out the new commercial, try one of Pepsi’s new Soda Shop flavors for yourself in stores now.