Nicki Minaj Fuels Baby Rumors By Calling Meek Mill Her 'Baby Father'

The term “baby daddy” is typically used as a reference for the father of one's own baby.

I know this because I insisted on referring to my own dad as such, and everyone kept correcting me and telling me to “stop, Taylor” because I “really don't get it” and I should “read an Urban Dictionary post just once, damn.”

Nicki Minaj recently made the waters a bit murkier when she called boyfriend Meek Mill her “baby father” during a concert where he was her guest on Saturday night.

Minaj said,

Make some noise for my baby father.

The audience clung to that suggestive nugget like a gilded unicorn horn and, understandably, exploded in screams over the news as Minaj launched into her hit “Starships.”

In the event the celebrity couple is taking fans for a ride, it won't be the first time.

Minaj posted a photo on Instagram in April of the couple in Miami in which she is wearing what appears to be an engagement ring on her left ring finger.

Engagement rumors lingered in the air for a full month before Minaj squashed them in an interview with The FADER.

She said,

…it ain't really time to get married yet.

When a fan tweeted the news following the concert, Minaj's response was cryptic.


Fans are already taking to Twitter to voice their opinions on the matter without any definite confirmation from Nicki Lewinsky herself.

Some were pretty distraught.

Others were supportive.

One fan proved just because you love Minaj, it does NOT mean you extend the same sentiment to Meek Mill.

There were those out there insisting Minaj is merely fluid with her phrasing...

...which only made the situation even more cloudy for others who began to float some pretty out there alternatives.

Either way, the fans want answers and they want them now.

Because, as far as they are concerned, stakes are HIGH.

Nicki, please answer the call of the Internet and put these rumors to rest for better or worse.

I fear if everyone has to wait a month again, we may all suffer a collective aneurysm.

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