This Throwback Nickelodeon Show Is Coming Back And Everyone's Losing It

by Eitan Levine

OK: We're just gonna start by telling you the news up top. Then, you're going to have a major reaction that will probably involve you yelling and jumping up and down three times at your desk.

Then, you're going to have to apologize to everyone in your office for doing that. You have 60 seconds to do all of this. If you complete it, you get to go to space camp with a Vivitar camera BECAUSE “DOUBLE DARE” IS COMING BACK TO TV!

Sixty seconds on the clock: Go!

In honor of the show's 30th anniversary, “Double Dare”-- Nickelodeon's slimy child version of a triathlon -- is officially coming back.

The Splat announced that it will be streaming a brand new “special live edition” of “Double Dare” out of San Diego Comic Con on July 22 at 9:30 am PST. You can tune in on Facebook Live as the show's original host – and everyone's communal father – Marc Summers makes his return to the "DD" stage after a 16-year hiatus from the show.

Summers will be tasked with guiding two teams through vintage "Double Dare" obstacles like Down The Hatch, The Wringer, The Human Hamster Wheel and – the Nick Studios piece de resistance – The Double Dare Nose.

After he hosts the live stream, Summers will head on over to TeenNick to host “Double Dare Week.” It starts July 25, and is a week featuring both new episodes and reruns of the show.

The Splat seems to be angling itself as your one-stop shop for all things Nick nostalgia. A few weeks ago, it constructed a Mountain Dew version of the Aggro Crag (titled "The Dewggro Crag") from "Global GUTS" in New York.

Elite Daily was there. You KNOW we had to climb it.

So, when do we get a "Legends of the Hidden Temple" reboot already?

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