4 Reasons Why 'The Bachelor' Franchise Needs To Dump Nick Viall

I have no shame admitting I love to watch “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.”

They’re extremely entertaining shows that I continually find myself emotionally invested in. However, I think it’s pretty obvious the franchise is not without its flaws.

All “Bachelor” series have been criticized for putting a deadline on love, giving men and women unrealistic expectations when it comes to romance and basically being fake AF.

While these accusations won’t stop me from tuning in each week, I do think the critics have a point.

“The Bachelor” franchise is a questionable program at best, and recent contestant Nick Viall is the epitome of its fishy nature.

For those of you unfamiliar with Nick V. — as the show calls him — let’s just say he’s not the kind of guy you’d want your daughter dating.

He’s become an infamous “Bachelorette” contestant, who was dumped on two consecutive seasons.

Nick is frequently accused of having debatable intentions while on the show, and he hasn’t proven himself trustworthy.

Nick V. recently told Huffington Post that even though the show hasn’t been successful for him in the past, he would still consider becoming the Bachelor in the future.

This fame-hungry announcement forced me to recall all the reasons why I’ve come to hate Nick (although I’d love to spend my time thinking about other, less slimy individuals).

So, here are the four reasons why Nick Viall is the essence of everything that’s wrong with “The Bachelor” franchise.

1. He’s set on finding love on reality TV.

Sometimes, I wonder if Nick knows you can actually date people when there isn’t a camera crew involved.

If Nick becomes the Bachelor (dear God, I hope not), this will be his third appearance on one of the franchise’s programs.

At what point will the reality show junkie finally give up his habit? I mean, I kind of want to send him an open letter, like, “People get engaged off-camera all the time, Nick. You can, too.”

Maybe he could try a trendy new dating site, let his friends hook him up, or, I don’t know, just go up to a girl and talk to her. Crazy, right?

2. He’s entitled.

Nick V. entered Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of “The Bachelorette” almost halfway into the show.

Instead of signing up and appearing at “The Bachelor” mansion on the first night like everyone else, he showed up when he felt like it.

This shows he has no concern for the other contestants, and he has no respect for the process as a whole.

For some reason, Nick feels empowered to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

That’s not cool, and it reflects negatively on “The Bachelor” franchise when it allows his behavior to continually slip through the cracks.

3. He trash-talks anyone who doesn’t like him.

After Andi Dorfman broke up with Nick during his first “Bachelorette” go-around, he publicly shamed her on national television.

During “The Men Tell All” cast reunion, Nick acted totally inappropriately.

When Andi reasonably explained that their relationship wasn’t as strong as her relationship with the ultimate winner, Josh, Nick lashed out. He brought up his and Andi’s sexual experiences on the live show, and he left everyone shocked and mortified.

Unfortunately, Andi is not the only person Nick betrayed.

On Kaitlyn’s season of “The Bachlorette,” Nick became more well-known for his quarrels with fellow contestant Shawn than for his love for Kaitlyn.

Nick’s unreasonable actions caused viewers to stop focusing on the purpose of the show, and instead get wrapped up in the constant bickering he instigated.

4. He’s obsessed with fame.

Seriously, when will this guy give it a rest? Nick experienced his 15 minutes of fame twice already, but apparently, that wasn’t enough.

It’s become pretty clear Nick isn’t on TV for “the right reasons,” as they say in “Bachelor” world.

He is eager to jump on any season of “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” that will accept him.

Evidently, it doesn't matter who the other contestants are, or who the star of the show is, because Nick will find a way to make it all about him.

So, ABC, please don’t feed his ego. Contestants like Nick Viall give “The Bachelor” franchise a bad name.

While he’s arguably entertaining, he doesn’t deserve so much limelight.