News Reporter Claps Back At Heckler With A 'Your Mom' Joke On Live TV

Being a reporter is tough work. People either love you or hate you, depending on what you wrote about that day.

If you work for a newspaper or online, most of your heckling comes in the form of emails, tweets or Facebook posts, which, for the most part, are pretty easy to ignore.

But, for on-air reporters, life with haters and hecklers is a little more complicated.

While out on assignment covering all the Black Friday mayhem, CBS Local 2's Joe Galli was heckled by a passerby with a very NSFW saying that we will not be repeating here. Galli, who had clearly had it, immediately came back at the heckler with the best "your mom" joke since 1999.

Usually, it's best to just ignore the haters, but in this case, we applaud you, Joe Galli. Check out his 90's-style comeback in the video, above.