New 'American Horror Story' Teaser Hints At A Big Twist In The Show


So we're another episode in to "American Horror Story: Roanoke," and things are starting to get pretty dang horrific.

And it looks like it's not getting any better next week, according to the preview we got.

The teaser implies the next episode will be focused on Lee looking for Flora, Matt getting lost in the woods and something very, very disgusting in the fridge.

At one point, the interview version of Lee (Adina Porter) seems to break the fourth wall and says to the camera operator, "You need to turn off those cameras."


Some people are speculating this line is hinting that the third episode will switch over to present day at some point, rather than staying mainly in the flashbacks.

Possibly this could be where a crossover with "Murder House" comes in?

As with the season premiere, there were some major "Murder House" vibes being thrown out this episode.

Plus, there's still been no sign of Evan Peters or Lady Gaga, despite the fact both have been confirmed to come back for this season. I'm still convinced Tate Langdon is going to show up in the present day timeline.

Other things to take away from this episode:

We were introduced to a few new characters: Kathy Bates, as a ruthless Puritan town leader ghost; Flora, who is Lee's daughter; Flora's ghost friend Priscilla; and some nice torturous nurse ghosts. This is getting fun!


Things are getting worse and worse for Shelby and Matt in their new home, and while Matt finally accepts it's time to get the hell out of there, unfortunately the bank won't hear them out so they are forced to stay.

(Personally, I would rather live out of my car than spend another second on that property, but, whatever.)

We find out the previous owner of their house moved in 1997 (so this is most likely the early 2000s) to write true crime novels about murder nurses.

After Matt discovers the letters "MURDE" under their wallpaper, they know the story is true.

Finally, Lee's daughter gets taken away by that Priscilla ghost girl. Why is it the innocent children who always get taken?

The next episode of "American Horror Story" airs on Wednesday at 10 pm.

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