Eleanor, Fabiola, and Devi in Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever Fans Are Freaking Out Over Season 2's Supermodel Narrator

Who else could relate to Paxton's struggles of having a perfectly symmetrical face?

by Ani Bundel

Never Have I Ever’s first season was full of unexpected delights. Chief among them was the narrator, John McEnroe, the famous tennis champion. Devi’s idol was the voice narrating her life and experiences, expressing her thoughts, hopes, and dreams. But the conceit was too delicious for the series not to expand ongoing into Season 2. As fans discovered when they got to Episode 3, someone else has a celebrity narrator in their heads — Paxton, who hears everything in the voice of supermodel Gigi Hadid. These tweets about Gigi Hadid’s Never Have I Ever Season 2 narration are proof that every character should have a celebrity narrator — and the more surprising, the better.

Warning: Spoilers for Never Have I Ever Season 2 follow. Fans knew something was up in the celebrity department for Season 2 back in spring 2021 when it was initially announced Chrissy Teigen had a guest role in the new season. But after Teigen exited the project, fans weren’t sure what it was she was supposed to be doing or how she would be replaced.

When the series finally arrived and Gigi’s voice suddenly started narrating the thoughts of Devi’s longtime crush Paxton, fans discovered that this was likely what Teigen’s celebrity cameo was going to be. For many of them, it turned out that having Hadid as the voice in Paxton’s head was as perfect a match as McEnroe’s was for Devi.

Even though Gigi was seemingly something of a last-minute replacement, fans noted that Season 1 actually foreshadowed her arrival.

And of course, the interaction between celebrity narrators — when Andy Samberg (the narrator from Season 1’s Ben-centric episode) popped in — was not to be missed.

With Hadid, Samberg, and McEnroe all now the official narrators in the series, it’s only a matter of time before every character gets assigned a celebrity narrator of some sort. Though Never Have I Ever Season 3 is not yet confirmed, fans are already anticipating that the next season will just keep on expanding those celebrity cameos. (Perhaps one might even hear series creator Mindy Kaling’s voice?)

Never Have I Ever Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix.