You Need To Check Out Elizabeth Banks' New Website Devoted To Funny Women

As if you could love Elizabeth Banks any more than you already do, the actress and funny lady just launched, a website devoted entirely to championing hilarious women.

Between the funny play on words and the website's goal to promote women in comedy, WhoHaha could finally be the tool to usher rising female comedians into the spotlight at a much faster pace than your typical comedy club racket.

Teaming up with her management company, Digital Media Management, Banks hopes to offer the first female-driven comedic platform.

But I'll turn it over to Elizabeth Banks for a second, since she explains the site's mission better than I can, while also laying on the jokes.

The site offers a great balance between the big names, like Amy Schumer and Melissa McCarthy, and lesser-known female comedians.

About the name specifically, Banks said in an interview with Ad Age,

We wanted something that really spoke to the brand of the site. It's meant to be funny and clever and a little bit racy and silly. It's about promoting female voices. It's about the 'who' behind the 'ha-ha.'

And for the haters out there who are quick to label the website as "man-hating," Elizabeth Banks has some choice words, saying,

We're not anti-male. We love boys and men and their eyeballs. There will be lots of boys and men on our site, just not as content creators.

Yeah, see? Women can do their own thing and have big ol' boners for men, too.

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