11 Music Video Sex Scenes That Are Hotter Than Hot

Add these bops to your romance playlist while you're at it.

Some might argue the lyrics and melody are the most important part of a song, but I think you can tell a lot about an artist’s creative direction with their music video. If a picture tells a thousand words, and a short film tells even more, then these music videos sex scenes have a lot to say. From heated romance to heartbreak-fueled hookups, it doesn’t get steamier than this.

There was a time when NSFW music videos were shunned from major TV networks and instantly cast off as scandalous. But culture has evolved and as the general public has become less sensitive about music videos with a little spice, more artists have done the hanky panky on-screen.

Of course, full nudity won’t get air time, so most artists choose to include implied sex scenes in their visuals. More than anyone, pop stars seem to be keen on tossing in a sex scene here and there. The likes of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Lady Gaga have all featured a sex scene in their music videos at one point or another.

Be forewarned, you probably won’t want to watch these music videos at work. But when the timing is right, these music video sex scenes are hotter than hot.

Britney Spears - "Make Me"

In “Make Me,” Spears auditions a hunky set of dancers, but takes a liking to one in particular.

Kanye West "Bound 2"

Life really does imitate art. Or vice versa. West had a steamy hookup with his IRL wife Kim Kardashian in his November 2013 “Bound 2” music video.

Justin Timberlake "Sexy Back"

“Sexy Back” starts slow, but by the end of the video, his lady is tearing the clothes right off his back.

Lady Gaga - "Paparazzi"

Oh, the drama. Gaga’s sex scene in “Paparazzi” sadly sees her get thrown off a balcony by a disgruntled lover.

Oh, the drama. Gaga’s sex scene in “Paparazzi,” sadly, sees her get thrown off a balcony by a disgruntled lover.

John Legend - "Wild"

Legend’s August 2020 video not only featured his wife Chrissy Teigen, but doubled as a pregnancy announcement. Needless to say, it was packed with steamy scenes.

Justin Timberlake “Cry Me A River”

Yes, Timberlake is featured on this list twice. It turns out the former NSYNC member is quite the king of on-screen PDA.

Nicki Minaj Ft. Lil Wayne - “High School”

Minaj proudly proclaimed she “never f*cked” Wayne in her 2014 song “Only,” but she did have a scripted hookup with him in their joint music video for “High School” released one year prior.

Robin Thicke - “Love After War”

Not only is Thicke known for his sensual lyrics, but he really laid the moves on his real-life wife Paula Patton in his “Love After War” music video in 2011. Sadly, the video is probably a bitter memory now. The pair divorced in 2015.

Chris Isaak - “Wicked Game”

Isaak’s October 2014 music video is known for being one of the steamiest ones out there.

Katy Perry - “Teenage Dream”

Perry’s “Teenage Dream” starts with a public makeout sesh on the beach, but she and her handsome co-star quickly turn things into a private party.

Lana Del Rey - “Blue Jeans”

Del Rey’s bizarre (but steamy) March 2012 video shows her getting it on with a man in a swimming pool before he morphs into a crocodile.

These artists don’t always play it safe, but that’s exactly why fans admire them.