Here's Proof Morgan Freeman Loves Girl Scout Cookies As Much As You Do

by Anna Menta
Getty Images

Though he wasn't on the nominees list at the 2016 Academy Awards on Sunday night, I can say with confidence Morgan Freeman was the real winner of the show.

Morgan Freeman wanted one thing on Oscars night. Morgan Freeman wanted cookies. And when Morgan Freeman wants something, he's not going to let Chris Rock, or Oscar winners or cameras broadcasting to national television stand in his way.

Basically, after Morgan Freeman announced the Best Picture winner as "Spotlight" and the winners gave their speeches, host Chris Rock jumped back onstage for a few closing remarks. Chris Rock was also holding a box and a roll of cookies.

The cookies were leftover from a Girl Scout Cookies bit, but that doesn't matter. What matters is it was late, Chris Rock was rambling on and Morgan Freeman just wanted to get some damn cookies and go the f*ck to sleep. So, he did.

DO YOU SEE? Morgan Freeman wasn't listening to a single word Chris Rock was saying. He zeroed in on those cookies and took them right out of Chris' hand while Chris was MID-monologue! And then, having gotten his cookies, Freeman just walked off stage.

NO HESITATION!!! HE JUST SHOVED HIS WHOLE HAND RIGHT IN THAT ROLL OF COOKIES. Chris Rock was forced to accommodate the man's cookie needs.

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Morgan Freeman doesn't give a F*CK! He is 78 years old, and if he wants some damn Trefoils, he's gonna get some damn Trefoils. He's not about to stick around for any of this awards ceremony bullsh*t unless you can promise him more cookies.

Mad respect, Morgan. Mad respect.

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