Model Furiously Slaps Presenter In Face After He Rubs Her Butt On Live TV

by Alexandra Strickler

A gorgeous body, a pretty smile and a revealing outfit are not invitations to touch a woman's body without her permission.

Should we repeat it for those a little hard of hearing?


During a health segment of a Brazilian TV show last week, fitness model Rayssa Teixeira Melo was helping to demonstrate sunscreen application, though she really ended up demonstrating how some men just don't understand the word "no."

Melo, who's cultivated a huge fanbase on social media with her stunning athletic body, came onto the stage dressed in a bikini and high heels.

Speaking Portuguese, she warned the presenter to leave her butt alone as he applied sunscreen to her legs, hips and stomach.

At an earlier point in the show, she had grabbed his wrist and told him directly,

No, that's my bottom. Do you know this part, the bum?

Yes, he does know the bum, but he seemed pretty hell-bent on touching it, despite her protest.

The douche in the white t-shirt appeared to ask Melo for her permission to keep rubbing sunscreen on her, even though she was clearly very rigid and uncomfortable with the entire situation.

Despite repeatedly asking him not to touch her butt, he went ahead and did it anyway.


After that, she couldn't take it anymore, and delivered a nice, firm slap to the guy's face. She then proceeded to throw studio cups at him before ultimately storming off the stage.

And he had the audacity to stand there looking like this:


If I shake my head any more aggressively, it's going to roll right off my neck.

As of now, Melo has yet to make any mention of the incident on her social media pages.

And as for the Douche in the Tight White Tee, hopefully he learned a valuable lesson from all of this.

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