How Miley Cyrus Has Slowly Prepared Herself To Host The 2015 MTV VMAs

From her look to her message, Miley Cyrus has gone through quite a bit of changes in the past few years.

We can all see she is happier by showing the public who she truly is, and we have never experienced a dull moment during her transformation from Disney starlet to rebel without a cause.

With Miley Cyrus as the host of tonight's 2015 VMAs, we'll be sure to witness many exciting and jaw-dropping bits and performances.

Cyrus has never failed to bring smiles (and some tears) to our faces when she's on stage. With her charming sense of humor and her golden heart, she knows exactly how to reach an audience.

Before we start making predictions for this year's show, let's take a quick stroll down Cyrus Lane:


It's June 18, to be exact. Miley releases her album, Can't Be Tamed, and everyone is completely shocked by the adult-like content and sound.

By shedding her teeny bopper Miley Cyrus-Hannah Montana sound, Cyrus proved she was growing up and becoming her own person.


Miley's infamous bun gets the chop, and she starts rocking a bleach-blonde pixie cut.

Since then, Cyrus has gone through countless style changes, and we're left anticipating her next look.


"We Can't Stop" is played on the radio every other song, and Cyrus performs at the VMAs.

She twerked over, well, everything on the stage, which resulted in many awkward silences in households all over the country. But, Cyrus and Robin Thicke were gossiped about for weeks afterwards.

On Sept. 9, Miley debuts her "Wrecking Ball" music video, in which she swings naked on a, wait for it, wrecking ball. I don't know if much more needs to be said about it.


At the 2014 VMAs, Cyrus won Video of The Year. Rather than going up to give an emotional acceptance speech, she decided to thank and reach out to her fans in a different way.

She sent up 16-year-old homeless teen Jesse. He gave a speech unlike anyone would have ever expected, and he accepted the the award on behalf of the thousands of runaways and homeless kids. Jesse urged people to go to Cyrus' Facebook page to donate money to the cause.

A couple of weeks later, Cyrus founded "The Happy Hippie Foundation," a nonprofit fighting injustices against homeless, LBGTQ and other vulnerable youth.


Miley partnered with Instagram and launched #InstaPride, a hashtag used to highlight stories of transgender and gender-expansive people. Check out the hashtag on Instagram to see all the work that's been done so far!

Lately, we've seen nothing but great change and positivity come from Cyrus. She's taking the world by storm, and she's spreading the message that all we have to do is be ourselves to make a difference in the world.

Cyrus is constantly criticized by society and the media for what she's doing or the things she's saying. But every part of me believes Cyrus will take this year's VMAs to a new, more meaningful level.

While I'm sure it will be highly entertaining, I know there will be moments when she uses her platform to speak about important issues that need our attention.

Last year, she brought tears to the eyes of many just by sending Jesse on stage to accept the Moon Man. This year, I'm sure she will leave us thinking differently.