Michelle Obama Trying To Rap And Dance In This Video Is Everyone's Mom

Malia and Sasha, close your eyes. You may not want to see this.

In a new video created by CollegeHumor and starring Jay Pharoah from "SNL," first lady Michelle Obama is able to debut her rap skills to the world.  The video was created to help encourage kids to go to college.

In the music video, the FLOTUS absolutely slays with her mom dance moves.

She bounces to the beat and waves her hands in the air, and it's everything.

Honestly, at this point, she's not just Malia and Sasha's mom, she's mom to all of us.

Check out the video above to listen to the hysterical song and watch the even funnier moves of the first lady herself.

It'll definitely make you smile, but it will also remind you how awesome (and yes, a little embarrassing) moms can be.

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