10 Hysterical Memes That Sum Up The Season 2 Premiere of 'Empire'


While everyone else was watching Wednesday's season two premiere of "Empire," we were busy checking out the memes. Take a look at the list below to see our favorites.

There were comments on Cookie's wardrobe:

People had a lot to say about Lucious living it up in prison:

And let's talk about every time they mentioned he wasn't guilty:

But really:

There was that time Obama just wasn't feeling Lucious at all:

For when your friends wouldn't let you watch the show IN PEACE AND QUIET:

And wait, where did Lucious' hair go? Let's talk about that:

There was this moment when Obama's face captured it all:

And that time Anika tried her best to break it down on stage:

Last but not least, the expression on Cookie's face after finding a head in a box...but we all know what really should have been in there: