Matthew McConaughey's Brother Got Free Beer For Naming Son Miller Lyte

Most people head to their local liquor stores in order to secure themselves large quantities of alcohol when feeling the need to get a nice buzz going.

Rooster McConaughey isn't most people, though.

He's not even like a few people.

Self-made millionaire and brother to Matthew McConaughey, Rooster -- which surprisingly isn't his God-given name -- scored himself a year's supply of free beer after SABMiller found out he named his now-9-year-old son Miller Lyte.

To reward Rooster, who stars on a new reality show called “West Texas Investors Club,” for his dedication to the brand, the beer company will reportedly be sending the diehard fan 24 cases of Miller Lite, which equals 576 cans, or about 1.5 cans a day for a year.

Honestly, though, this is a bit of a false claim as, based on Rooster's name and the fact he NAMED HIS KID AFTER BEER, this should last him about six weeks and not a full year.

Who's counting, though? Free beer is free beer. Don't look a drunk-ass gift horse in his awful smelling, frothy mouth.

In case you're wondering, Rooster does have other children, and at least one of them also shares a name with an alcoholic beverage.

Miller's sister is named Margarita Olympia (but, it's apparently a family name) and, as far as we know, no tequila or triple sec companies have taken advantage of this fact.

Missed opportunity, Hornitos.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go have a baby and name him/her Pibb. Does Pibb also have this deal? I'm a Pibb guy.

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