These People Had The Most Hilarious Reactions To Matt Damon's Ponytail (Video)

This summer, Matt Damon rocked a glorious ponytail while shooting the movie "The Great Wall"  in China.

He recently appeared on "The Graham Norton Show" and, unfortunately, admitted the ponytail was just 700 hair extensions.

Dammit, Matt, we thought that beautiful mane of yours was REAL.

Apparently, lots of people were big, big fans of the Matt Damon pony. In the clip above, you can watch Norton read out tweets from users about Matt's ponytail and see how much it ~excited~ them.

Let's just say things get real erotic, real fast.

Check out the video above and a few tweets below to really get thirsty for some Matt Damon pony.

Life will never be the same without Matt Damon's pony.

People have just gotten so... creative with it.

Life now revolves around the pony.

The pony will live in our hearts, forever and always.

The lesson learned? Matt can never put his hair in a top knot. Seriously.

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