Andy Samberg's Cameo In 'Master Of None' Season 2 Is So Subtle, You Might Miss It

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Aziz Ansari's wonderfully immersive Netflix series, "Master of None," is finally back for a second season, and along with a bevy of engaging and funny stories, it also packs a punch with a few celebrity guest stars!

Bobby Cannavale recurs as Dev's relentlessly optimistic and supportive boss, Chef Jeff, John Legend pops up to sing a song at a party and, most gasp-worthy of all, Angela Bassett herself has a meaty role as the mother of Dev's bestie Denise in the particularly touching eighth episode.


But one celebrity cameo that will probably pass you by is Andy Samberg's brief role in the new season. And that's because Andy doesn't actually appear on screen, but fans of his work on "Saturday Night Live" will hear a familiar voice at the end of episode 6.

The episode, called "New York, I Love You," jumps around to follow a number of different underrepresented people that make up the fabric of New York, from an overworked hotel doorman to a deaf bodega clerk to a cab driver saving up for a night on the town.

The connective thread throughout the episode is a fictional new movie called "Death Castle," which is described as being the big movie everyone's talking about because of a huge twist at the end. It stars Nicolas Cage, Emma Watson, and Tyrese Gibson.

At the end of the episode, our main characters finally see the movie.


And who did they get to voice Nicolas Cage? None other than Andy Samberg. You can hear him doing his Cage impression for a couple lines in the movie theater as he reveals the movie's big twist.

Of course, Nic Cage was one of Andy's most well-known impressions from his time on "Saturday Night Live." He had a recurring segment impersonating Cage on Weekend Update and even got to do the impression alongside Nic Cage himself one episode.


Andy and Aziz have worked together before. They were both in the 2011 Ana Faris-Chris Evans rom-com "What's Your Number," and Andy had a guest spot on Aziz's show "Parks & Recreation."

"Master of None" Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.