Man Spends 10 Months Working Out And Growing His Hair To Look Like Khal Drogo From 'Game Of Thrones (Photos)

We all know that feeling of wanting to embody a fictional character after watching a really good movie or TV show. We want to live their lives, understand their struggles, even talk like them.

For instance, after watching "The Hunger Games" I suddenly feel all empowered and want to save the world, or after watching "Shameless" I want to dress like a sexy tomboy and do something really badass. However, we can never actually carry out any of these feelings... or can we?

René Koiter did, though, when he dedicated 10 months to transform himself into his favorite "Game of Thrones" character (and the sexiest man alive), Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa), leader of the Dothraki. The thing about Momoa, if you've ever seen him, is that aside from the clothes, he pretty much looks exactly like his muscular, long-haired, triangle-eyebrowed character.


Where as, Koiter does not... or did not.

The graphic designer from Lake Forest, CA hired a team of eight people to assist with his full Drogo transformation: from the clothes, to the hair, to the body, right down to his native tongue. That, my friends, is dedication.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and with transforming yourself into one of the sexiest fictional characters on television come women who are going to want to sleep with you. Koiter says that women propose to him on the spot.

"Honestly, I had no idea what the reaction would be towards my transformation. Many marriage proposals have been flung at me."

Koiter says that when women propose to him, he usually responds with:

"Can you eat a horse heart like Daenerys [Targaryen] (played by Emilia Clarke) famously does in the TV series?"

And to his surprise, many respond with, hell yeah! I mean, married to Khal Drogo? Sign me up!

However, Koiter says that a lot of women have trouble telling the difference between fact and fantasy. Really? Isn't it you who might have a little trouble with that?

Well, fantasy or not, these pictures that Koiter modeled for are definitely a fact. Excuse me while I dedicate the next 10 months to looking exactly like Daenerys Targaryen.

H/T: Daily Mail