Twitter Is Roasting Corinne For Making That Trump Joke Again On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

by Billy Lorusso

Well well well, it's time for Bachelor In Paradise again, ladies and gents. Contestants from all different seasons have made their way to the island to give us all the drama we've been in search of since The Bachelorette ended (a week ago...). Of course, we're all already excited to see our gorgeous faves back at it, being goofballs, looking better than ever, flirting, and searching for ~earnest~ love on a tropical island. One thing nobody is excited about, though, is Corinne's "make paradise Corinne again" joke. I mean, it's just awful. Let's be real, Corinne is a lot to handle to begin with, but anytime that joke comes out of her mouth it's like hearing a lawnmower run over a bed of rocks.

All the contestants are obviously out to make names for themselves while they're on the island (I mean, why else would you broadcast your love life on national television??), and Corinne is certainly no exception, so having a catchphrase is not a bad idea on her part; it's just that her catchphrase is garbage and makes my skin crawl. Naturally, fans of Bachelor in Paradise have taken to Twitter to drag Corinne for her terrible catchphrase and the results are perfectly LOL-worthy.

Of course, given the scandal that has surrounded this season, we know that Corinne won't be appearing in many more episodes, so "make paradise Corinne again" is very likely going to have a very short stay on the island.

I'm sure it will only be a matter of time, though, until another contestant does something to give all of us watching at home plenty more to tweet about. Until then, I'll just be over here rooting for Dean and Raven to find the love they both deserve, whether it's with each other or not.