There Was A Mini 'Mad Men' Reunion On 'Last Man On Earth' And Twitter Lost It

Ever wonder what the cast of "Mad Men" is up to nowadays? Well, "Last Man on Earth" decided to give us an update.

Two "Mad Men" stars reunited on the season premiere of the FOX post-apocalyptic comedy last night, and Twitter absolutely lost it. But not for the reason you may think.

January Jones (formerly of Betty Draper fame) is a series regular on "Last Man on Earth." She plays Melissa Shart (yeah, that last name is real), a survivor of the virus that wiped out nearly all of the human race.

And apparently, she'll do anything to protect her friends/fellow apocalypse survivors on the show.

When three intruders came to their house armed with rifles and planning an attack, Shart was not having any of that shit.

She took matters into her own hands and shot one of the intruders.

Doesn't that sound familiar?

Let me take you back to this majestic piece of film real quick.

Ah, yes. Betty Draper: certifiably insane hater of pigeons.

The whole season premiere of "Last Man on Earth" was a wild ride. And in the single greatest cameo we'll see on TV this season, Don Draper showed up to give Betty Draper some much needed post-Betty catharsis.

Yup, the guy Melissa Shart killed was played by none other than Jon Hamm.

Rightfully so, the internet lost it.

Did she shoot him in the dick? It looks like she shot him in the dick.

Dick shot or not, Jon Hamm's "LMOE" career was never made to last. RIP.


And "Mad Men" fans are rejoicing.



Clearly, the "LMOE" writers are doing something right.


This episode should basically be titled "Betty's Revenge."


This is probably the best moment of TV we're going to have this season.

Sorry, every other show in existence, but Betty Draper just killed your chances of TV excellence along with our dreams for more "Mad Men"/"Last Man on Earth" crossovers. (It was a dream we never knew we needed).