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The lyrics to Doja Cat's song cover in Taco Bell's Super Bowl 2022 commercial.

Doja Cat Belts Out An Unexpected Cover Of A ‘90s Banger In This Super Bowl Ad

I’m obsessed.

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Courtesy of Taco Bell

Doja Cat is going from rap star to rockstar in Taco Bell’s return to the Super Bowl. Once you see the ad and hear Doja sing, you might wonder if she’s dropping a new track, but it’s actually a throwback. The “Say So” singer covered the 1998 alternative rock track “Celebrity Skin” by Hole for Taco Bell’s first Super Bowl commercial since 2016, and it’s different vibe, but still totally jam-worthy. Check out the lyrics to Doja Cat’s song cover in Taco Bell’s Super Bowl 2022 commercial, so you can have them memorized by the time the ad airs on Sunday, Feb. 13.

The 30-second spot, which marks the brand’s return to the Super Bowl after a five-year hiatus, premiered Feb. 10. The commercial takes place at a school called Clownus Conformus, which is — you guessed it — a reformatory school for clowns. Doja and her classmates are sitting in the bleak cafeteria when she lifts up her clown cone hat and finds a surprise that gives her an idea. Cue her head-banging-worthy Hole song cover and a whole lot of chaos.

Back to her old ways, Doja and her friends burst through the campus gates in a clown car. As they speed down the streets, the car roof flies off, taking their clown makeup and costumes with it. Back at school, the clowns find the surprise under Doja’s hat — a packet of Taco Bell Fire sauce, as Doja sings, “Hey, there's only us left now.” Looks like Doja really is living más. You can watch the ad below:

IDK if they teach music history at Clownus Conformus, but here’s a little background for you: Hole was an alternative rock band formed in 1989 with lead singer Courtney Love. There’s a chance you’ve heard the “Celebrity Skin” track before Doja Cat put her spin on it, considering it was Hole’s most commercially successful track and spent four weeks at number one on the US Alternative Airplay Billboard charts in 1998.

Though fans will only get to hear a snippet of the cover on game day, Doja’s first foray into alt-rock will be available to stream on all platforms Feb. 11. Prep for the commercial ahead of time with the lyrics to “Celebrity Skin” by Hole, provided by Genius.

[Verse 1]

Oh, make me over

I'm all I wanna be

A walking study

In demonology


Hey, so glad you could make it

Yeah, now you've really made it

Hey, so glad you could make it now

[Verse 2]

Oh, look at my face

My name is "Might-Have-Been"

My name is "Never Was"

My name's forgotten


Hey, so glad you could make it

Yeah, now you've really made it

Hey, there's only us left now


When I wake up in my makeup

It's too early for that dress

Wilted and faded somewhere in Hollywood

I'm glad I came here with your pound of flesh

No second billing 'cause you're a star now

Oh, Cinderella, they aren't sluts like you

Beautiful garbage, beautiful dresses

Can you stand up or will you just fall down?

[Verse 3]

You better watch out

Oh, what you wish for

It better be worth it

So much to die for


Hey, so glad you could make it

Yeah, now you've really made it

Hey, there's only us left now


When I wake up in my makeup

Have you ever felt so used up as this?

It's all so sugarless, hooker, waitress

Model, actress, oh, just go nameless

Honeysuckle, she's full of poison

She obliterated everything she kissed

Now she's fading somewhere in Hollywood

I'm glad I came here with your pound of flesh


You want a part of me?

Well, I'm not selling cheap

No, I'm not selling cheap

If you think you’re hearing something a little different, don’t worry — Doja changed the lyrics of her version to start, “Oh make me over / I’m all I wanna be / A walking fire / You can’t get rid of me.” Is the change about putting her own twist on it, or a slick nod to Taco Bell’s signature flavors? You can decide for yourself.

If you’re like me and can’t enough of this side of Doja, check out Taco Bell’s behind-the-scenes of the recording of the “Celebrity Skin” cover.

Doja first teased her collab with Taco Bell in a cryptic tweet on Feb. 2. Included in the tweet were a series of emojis, including a clown, school, siren, taco, and bell, and “2/13/2022” tacked on at the end. She finally shared the entire song on Feb. 10, and you can see Doja’s rockstar transformation during the Taco Bell Super Bowl commercial on Sunday, Feb. 13.

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