Scott Patterson Opens Up About Luke And Lorelai Having Kids

While many people rushed out at the crack of dawn on Black Friday to fill their shopping baskets to the brim, most of us remained at home for a v. important reason.

I'm not exaggerating when I say it will take an insane amount of effort (and good cause) to hold this chick back from shopping.

I'm straight-up a shopping addict, so you just know I did not go shopping on Black Friday for a dang great reason.

That being said, with a strawberry Pop-Tart and steaming cup of coffee in hand (also parked super comfortably on the couch), the rest of us awaited the highly anticipated "Gilmore Girls" revival on Friday.

We had been waiting for this epic moment for a while now, and it was finally here (even though it didn't seem like real life).

For all of the people trying to make plans with this chick this past Friday, hold the heck UP because that would so not be happening during the day.

Like many "Gilmore Girls" fans, many questions filled my mind prior to the revival and I could hardly wait for "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" to stream on my Netflix account.

Would Lorelai be pregnant?

Would RORY be pregnant?

Are Lorelai and Luke already married?

Who will Rory end up with?

Well, we finally have answers.

And spoilers! Move along if you haven't watched yet.

The one I'm going to focus on is the fact that Luke and Lorelai got married in the very last episode of the show's revival.

Scott Patterson (aka Luke), opened up to Entertainment Tonight about tying the knot to Lorelai.

He said,

[It felt] pretty good, pretty good, yeah. And the way we did it was pretty clever I thought. I think it was the most personal way to do it and it had the most dramatic impact.

Luke even spoke about his future with his new wifey, saying,

I think being married to that girl is going to be a really good thing. We're going to have a lot of babies!

OH SNAP, hold up one hot second here… can we have more "Gilmore Girls" episodes to see these ~babies~?!

Patterson seems like he's joking, but I am totally not. WE DEMAND MORE NOW.

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