Cole Barnett from 'Love Is Blind' Season 3

FYI: Cole From Love Is Blind Posts Fishing Pics On IG

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Ser Baffo/Netflix

Cole Barnett from Love Is Blind Season 3 is full of surprises. The Fort Worth-based realtor seems like a simple, goofy guy, but over the course of the first few episodes of LIB Season 3, he revealed a much more serious side, one that’s looking for a truly deep connection with his partner. It’s that serious side that helps him connect with Zanab Jaffrey in the pods. But there’s even more to uncover about Cole.

Warning: Spoilers for the first four episodes of Season 3 Love Is Blind follow. One of the wildest facts Cole revealed about himself in the pods is that he’s actually been married before. This means he’s serious about making a commitment in his second marriage. “I know for sure I don’t want a shallow marriage relationship,” he said on LIB to Colleen Reed when he realized their relationship wasn’t going to last.

Cole didn’t see a future with Colleen, but he did see one with Zanab, and they left the pods together as an engaged couple. But once they were together in the flesh, Cole started to question his relationship with Zanab. “I’m still in love; it’s just very different now,” he said. “I have to adapt to not what I wanted her to be but who she is.” While what Cole described is basically simply the crux of all the drama on LIB, it also does seem like a genuine issue for the couple.

Here’s everything to know about Cole as he navigates his relationship with Zanab, including the many fishing pics he’s posted on his IG.

Love Is Blind’s Cole Barnett’s Real Job

Cole is a realtor with his own company called Bdellium Real Estate. According to his LinkedIn profile, his goal is “to begin to renovate more houses, restoring the neighborhoods of Fort Worth, and to hold more rental properties, providing living solutions to renters in DFW.”

Before he went into real estate, Cole graduated with a degree in general Christian studies from the King’s University and he spent some time as a youth pastor. That all tracks with his discussions about religion on LIB; faith is something Cole and Zanab share, so it makes sense that it was a big part of Cole’s past.

Love Is Blind’s Cole Barnett’s Instagram

Cole calls himself an “outdoorsman” in his Instagram bio, which seems appropriate given the many, *many* photos of fish he has in his grid. The guy clearly loves fishing.

When he’s not fishing, Cole works hard at his real estate business and posts photos of the homes he’s selling.

Love Is Blind’s Cole Barnett Facts

Cole is also pretty active on TikTok, where he loves to post about his goldendoodle. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts more extended videos about his adventures, including his journey to the LIB pods.

Like Cole mentioned on the show, LIB is not his first experience with getting engaged quickly. His previous relationship was with someone he married after knowing her for two months, but they got divorced after about four months of marriage. Hopefully this second time around, things work out a little better for Cole.

The first four episodes of Love Is Blind Season 3 are streaming on Netflix now.