Alexa Alfia on  'Love is Blind' Season 3

Alexa From Love Is Blind Teased A "Spicy" Season On IG 👀

I believe her.

Ser Baffo/Netflix

On Love Is Blind, contestants meet each other while totally isolated in pods. It’s during that time in the pods that they get to know each other and decide whether or not they want to get engaged. But once they leave the pods and actually get to see each other in person, the real fun begins. In an Instagram about her time on the show, Alexa Alfia from Love Is Blind Season 3 teased a “spicy” season ahead, so it sounds like that in-person part of the show is going to get *very* interesting.

Warning: Spoilers for the first four episodes of Love Is Blind Season 3 follow. Alexa began her LIB journey sure of herself and ready to find someone who appreciates her. “I’m very confident in who I am and I deserve someone who understands that,” she said.

On LIB, contestants fall in love without ever seeing their potential partners, but Alexa found an immediate connection with someone pretty much right away. She and Brennon Lemieux bonded over their shared experiences with divorced parents and their love of cooking. After their first date, they joked that they should get engaged right away, and they honestly didn’t wait much longer. Alexa and Brennon were the first couple to get engaged in the pods and their connection seems to be able to stick in their in-person interactions, too.

Here’s everything to know about Alexa as she journeys ahead with Brennon in this “spicy” season of LIB.

Love Is Blind’s Alexa Alfia’s Real Job

Alexa owns her own insurance agency in Dallas, Texas. Before that, she spent some time in Israel (where she has some family, as she talks about on LIB) and graduated from Tel Aviv University with a degree in communication and media studies in 2016.

Love Is Blind’s Alexa Alifa’s Instagram

With almost 14,000 followers, Alexa is pretty popular on Instagram. The 27-year-old’s grid is filled with gorgeous shots of her enjoying her life in places like Scottsdale, Miami Beach, and her hometown of Dallas.

One of Alexa’s IG story highlights is devoted to her super-close family, who she discussed on LIB. Alexa is one of six kids, plus she has a step-sister and a half-sister, so her big family is a big part of her life. Another big part of her life is her dog Loki, who also has his own IG story highlight reel.

Love Is Blind’s Alexa Alfia Facts

Alexa loves to cook, and she told Brennon that her favorite dish to make is shakshuka, which reminds her of her Israeli culture.

She also said that the celebrity couple she’d most like to emulate is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Fans will have to watch the rest of LIB Season 3 to see if Alexa and Brennon’s relationship lives up to those celebrity standards.

The first four episodes of Love Is Blind Season 3 are streaming on Netflix now.