Lindsay Lohan is launching a new podcast, 'The Lohdown.'

Lindsay Lohan Is Now A Podcast Host, And Her Show Premieres So Soon

Here’s the lowdown on The Lohdown.

James Gourley/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan has done it all, including acting, singing, and modeling. Now, the star is branching out into podcasting. On April 21, Lohan announced she’s launching a podcast called The Lohdown, and it’s coming soon.

She shared the announcement on Instagram alongside a promotional shot of her upcoming podcast which is set to debut on April 26. “Excited to share my new podcast with you! 🤗,” she captioned the Instagram post. “Swipe left to hear what it’s all about!”

She also offered an audio teaser for The Lohdown where she explained what fans can expect from her show. "I want The Lohdown to be a place where you can get to know me, the 100% authentic me," Lohan said in the preview.

If you can’t wait to tune in to The Lohdown, here are all the details you need to know.

When will The Lohdown premiere?

The Lohdown will premiere on April 26.

Where can fans stream The Lohdown?

In the audio clip, Lohan says the show will be available everywhere podcasts are found, as well as on YouTube. Her Instagram bio links to The Lohdown’s Apple Music page which provided even more clarity on the show.

“She’s here to share with you the things, people, places, and ideas that she loves,” the Apple Music description said, noting the show will touch on topics like “undiscovered music” and “global causes.” “She’s like the big sister that you never had, or if you just need an extra sister who’s ready to lend [an] ear to hear about your joys and your dilemmas.”

Will there be special guests?

Yes, Lohan will be interviewing a variety of guests; however, no names have been announced. She said the podcast will feature guests from various backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, actors, musicians, YouTubers, producers, and more.

"Having starred in dozens of movies and TV shows, I'm usually the one being interviewed,” she said in the audio teaser clip. “But now it's my turn to ask all the questions, to dig deep and hear all about the fascinating and wonderful things that my guests are doing in their lives."

So that’s the lowdown on The Lohdown. I can’t wait to tune in.