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Lily Allen Is Selling Feet Pictures On OnlyFans

Good luck, babe!

Lily Allen is making her feet work for her. On July 2, the “Smile” singer shared her latest business venture on Instagram Stories: an OnlyFan page where she is selling feet pictures. Allen posted a video of her feet next to a fountain, using a GIF to cover her toes. In the post, she linked out to her OnlyFans page, quipping, “la dolce feeta.”

On her page, @lilyallenftse500, Allen joked, “Just dipping my toes in.” For fans who want to subscribe to her page, it costs $10 per month and includes more feet pics with punny captions like “sole trader.”

In June, Allen discussed the possibility of selling photos of her feet on an episode of her Miss Me? podcast by BBC Sounds. Apparently, Allen’s pedicurist told her that she had a “rare” five-star rating on WikiFeet, a website where fans rate celebrities’ feet. “My feet are rated quite highly on the internet,” Allen told her co-host, Miquita Oliver, per Sky News.

According to Allen, that same pedicurist suggested that the singer “could make a lot of money selling foot content on OnlyFans.” Allen was easily swayed. “I'm like, 'Not no,’” she continued.

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A few weeks earlier on the podcast, Allen shared concerns that she could be “kink-sham[ing]” her husband. (She has been married to Stranger Things star David Harbour since September 2020, when they eloped in Las Vegas.)

“I wonder if I kink-shame my husband because he often asks for things and I'm like, 'No, babe, it's not happening,'" she explained on the June 17 episode, per Entertainment Weekly. "I'm not like, 'You piece of sh*t, how dare you ask me to do that!' I’m just like, 'Hmm, headache. Little headache, got a bit of a headache — maybe not tonight.'"

Allen added, “I'm quite into normalizing everything that people are ashamed about in themselves. I was talking to David about this last night. During the breakdown of my last marriage, I was very, very promiscuous and experimental and I engaged in, well, I had sex with female [sex workers].” She’s here for trying new things — feet pics included.