Lilly Pulitzer's Grandson Looks Nothing Like You Would Expect Him To

Ladies, meet Chris Leidy. As Lilly Pulitzer's grandson, you probably expect him to be a total prepster, right?

Wrong. He's a tatted up hottie with a body.

The 34-year-old, single photographer and entrepreneur boggles a lot of brains between his edgy look and famously preppy grandmother. His Instagram is gorgeous, too, thanks to his photography skills but also photos like these.

Oh, hello, sir.

I mean, can you pull off a snorkel like this dude?

According to Cosmopolitan, his looks get a lot of mixed reactions from people once they find out about his family. As he told Cosmo,

I have a lot of people give me the 'I can't believe it! I love your grandmother!' And then a lot of haters. My grandmother and I were so close, so it's funny to me when a complete stranger who lives in Timbuktu says, 'He's so not Lilly Pulitzer.'

Growing up, Leidy had a completely different experience, saying,

It was just that I was Granny's grandson, plain and simple. Everyone loved her so everyone always wanted to be around her.

There's nothing hotter than a hot guy who loves his grandma.

If Don Draper had tattoos and a Frenchie obsession... https://instagram.com/p/2GljW6Q5Gs/embed/

When he's not being super sexy, Leidy is taking stunning photographs. You can check out his work here.

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