The Guy From 'Life With Derek' Grew Up And He Looks Totally Different Now

by Katie Corvino
Disney Channel

"Life with Derek" is one of those old TV shows you totally forgot about until I mentioned it right now.

No need to thank me. I bet the nostalgia is hitting you hard, so yeah, you're welcome.

I'm sure it's all coming back to you. Remember Casey? She lived with her mom and sister and then when her mom remarried, she was forced to live with the most annoying brother of all time... Derek!

Casey wasn't a big fan of her bro, but the viewers were. HE WAS HOT AF, OK? In middle school, I was surrounded by little prepubescent boys. But when I got home and turned on my TV, I got to see Derek -- a man.

Can I also mention "Life with Derek" had the greatest theme song of all time? THIS SHOW WAS EVERYTHING TO ME.

So what does Derek look like today? What's he up to, anyway? TIME TO FIND OUT.

This is what Michael Seater, the actor who played Derek, looks like today.

He's just A LITTLE different from his "Life with Derek" days, right?

Hope you're doing well, Derek. I like your flowers...

...and your muscles. Miss you! OK BYE.

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