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Leo DiCaprio Is Single Again: Here Are The Women He Should Date Next

Ladies, you may want to take a seat. Leonardo DiCaprio is single and ready to mingle. I KNOW, it's exciting, but please keep it in your pants.

According to a source, the 41-year-old sex pot recently split from his fianceé Kelly Rohrbach. Sh*t.

It's OK, Leo, baby cakes, I got you. I'm here to be your savior (and anything you want me to be, really).

Because I love this man with all of my heart and soul, I've decided to take the liberty of creating a list of potential bachelorettes for this hunk of man candy to date next.

Leo is way too perfect (and beautiful) to be single for more than .02 seconds so it's time to get him back on the market.

OK, LEO, PAY ATTENTION. Here are your future brides ready to fight for your affection (probably).

1. Perrie Edwards

OK, so Perrie is blonde, hot, talented and recently split from 1D's Zayn Malik. She looks like Leo's type in every possible way. These two would make beautiful blonde babies together and you know it.

2. Kourtney Kardashian

Leo and Scott Disick have a lot in common, when you think about it. They both really love women, date models, like to have a good time, you know, the usuals. Kourtney has lots of experience dating someone as ~adventurous~ as Scott Disick, so she'll definitely enjoy some steamy time with Leo.

3. Amy Schumer

Amy is one badass bitch who will put Leo in his place. Leo needs a strong-willed woman who can make him laugh, support him and show him the ropes. Leo, this girl isn't like the others you've dated before. She's better.

4. Jennifer Lawrence

Can you picture it? Can you? J Law and Leo would be SO CUTE together. They're both total goofballs and would have so much fun at awards shows. Just picture Jennifer falling on the carpet and making Leo laugh after he doesn't win any awards. It would be a match made in Heaven!

5. Kate Winslet

I think it's about time these two rekindled their "Titanic" flame. Rose and Jack will forever be the greatest couple who ever lived (on, um, the movie screen) so how about we bring the magic to life, huh? She'll never leave you, Jack, I promise. This love is REAL.

6. Khloé Kardashian

Leo needs to date Khloé because he would be a great asset to "KUWTK." Khloé would have the funniest, greatest one liners and comebacks to anything Leo says. It would be so cute. Someone please buy Leo her new book so he can read it and take notes. Strong looks better with Leo. xoxo

7. Gigi Hadid

OK so maybe Gigi is currently dating Zayn, but whatever. Gigi needs a man, not a boy. Leo, she's all yours.

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