Leo DiCaprio Said The Funniest Thing While Waiting To Get His Oscar Engraved

by Eitan Levine
Getty Images

D'awwwww, Leonardo!

There is a super awkward tradition at the Oscars where the winners have to wait for their awards to be engraved at the Governors Ball.

Is there a smoother, more efficient way of going about this process? Couldn't they just have the awards pre-engraved the day of or during the show?

Sure, but this is Hollywood, baby! It's not about timeliness; it's about weird photo ops where actors quietly stand like they're waiting for the Chipotle guy to finish wrapping their burritos.

Last night's Governors Ball led to Leo making a cute offhanded comment about being a first-time Oscar winner.

D'awwwww, Leonardo! Loving the "HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA *stern look* This is the first time. YOU ALL KNOW THIS" reaction.

Also, I kind of love how Leo's Oscar comes with a maintenance manual like he just bought a certified pre-owned Toyota Highlander.