Leo DiCaprio Just Dropped $100K To Go On The Most Badass Vacation

by Katie Corvino
Paramount Pictures

Man, I'd love to go on a vacation right about now. If only I had $100,000 in my pocket to spend on a crazy expedition to a place I've never been before. Wouldn't that be insane?

Well, it looks like Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio is living my dream.

He, apparently, spent $95,000 on an expedition to Mongolia where he will go hunting with Swedish explorer Johan Ernst Nilson and even sleep in a rounded tent called a yurt.

Um, WHAT? That's crazy.

"The Revenant" actor won the bid for the expedition at the amfAR's New York Gala, and with that amount of money, I'm not too surprised.

The trip will reportedly be 10 days long, and Leo will do several activities ranging from exploring Lake Khövsgöl and horseback riding to eating with nomadic families.

However, it looks like the living conditions won't be too crazy for Leo because apparently his chef and a few of his other workers will travel with him.

MAN. It looks like Leo has a lot to look forward to. We all wish him the best at the Academy Awards, but either way, I guess he's a winner since he has this trip of a lifetime ahead of him.

Hopefully, he does win the Oscar, though. Since, you know, it's about time.

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