LeBron James Proves He Has A Future In Acting In 'Trainwreck' Bloopers (Video)

The 10 different cuts of Amy Schumer talking about John Cena’s penis are great, but can we talk for a second about how LeBron James is a shockingly good actor?

I honestly think he could carry a comedy franchise.

I’m not talking Alexander Ovechkin in an Eastern Motors local TV commercial level franchise; I’m talking about a legit LeBron James movie franchise.

Barring any major injuries, he still has a healthy chunk of basketball left to play, but you have to be wondering what LeBron is thinking of doing after around the year 2025.

Does he go the normal route, finish up his career and take a cushy analyst job on TNT? Or, does he take his talents to Hollywood and give "Space Jam 3" -- and beyond -- a shot?

LeBron, for all of us, please do the latter of the two.

On an unrelated note, Amy Schumer deserves an Oscar for this deleted scene reel alone.

Did your dick get stung by 90 bees?

It's genius.