Lea Michele Posted A Topless Photo On The Beach And It's Too Hot To Handle

Lea Michele just posted a topless photo on Instagram and it's seriously hot AF.

The "Scream Queens" star did a sexy photo shoot on the beach with the help of makeup artist Adam Breuchaud.

Lea must be feelin' this warm weather because she stripped down and was nude from the waist up. GET IT, GIRL.

The actress has gotten into phenomenal shape, so it looks like she's ready to show off that bikini bod.

Here's the topless pic Lea Michele added to Instagram. DAMN, someone call the fire department.

The caption simply reads,



If your eyes are bad, don't worry. Breuchaud added a close-up version to his personal Instagram.

Yup, that's not what I look like naked. LOL. FML?!?!

Lea also added a photo of her "Glam Team" beautifying her before the shoot. GO TEAM, GO.

I wish I had a team of dedicated makeup professionals to make me look pretty. FIX MY FACE, ADAM. Help me.

Either way, Lea Michelle, you look gorgeous and I wish I had your face and body. And hair. And voice. And acting skills. And everything.

I'm gonna go cry in the corner now. BYE!

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