K-pop group LE SSERAFIM will drop their second EP, 'ANTIFRAGILE,' on Oct. 17.

LE SSERAFIM Announced They're Making A Comeback This Fall

Their new EP is dropping so soon.


Since releasing their debut EP, Fearless, in May, LE SSERAFIM has taken the world by storm. Now, they’re getting ready to do it all over again. On Sept. 19, the group’s agency, Source Music, revealed the girls will drop their follow-up mini-album, ANTIFRAGILE, this fall. The project will mark LE SSERAFIM’s first as a quintet following Kim Ga-ram’s departure from the group in July.

Initially, LE SSERAFIM began as a six-member group with Sakura, Kim Chae-won, Huh Yun-jin, Kazuha, Hong Eun-chae, and Kim Ga-ram as part of its lineup. However, as of July 20, they’re officially become a quintet.

The EP announcement arrived on the heels of LE SSERAFIM’s first documentary, The World Is My Oyster, which premiered on YouTube on Sept. 17. The project gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the group preparing to make their debut as Hybe’s first girl group. The record label is known for launching hit groups like BTS, TXT, and ENHYPEN to fame.

The title of their debut EP, Fearless, is a nod toward their group name being an anagram of “I’M FEARLESS,” and it was a major success upon its release on May 2. It debuted at No. 1 on Billboard Japan’s Hot Albums chart. Their debut single, “Fearless,” also received over 114 million views on YouTube since its release on May 2.

All this success has garnered major interest in ANTIFRAGILE, and the group appears ready to meet expectations. Source Music teased in a Sept. 19 press release that ANTIFRAGILE “portrays LE SSERAFIM’s inner world and attitude that become stronger in the face of hardships.”

Here’s what you should know about their upcoming EP.


LE SSERAFIM’s second EP, ANTIFRAGILE, will drop on Monday, Oct. 17.


The tracklist for the group’s new EP has not been announced.


A day before Source Music officially announced ANTIFRAGILE, they shared a teaser for LE SSERAFIM’s new era on YouTube titled, “DO YOU THINK IM FRAGILE?” The 14-second-long clip featured black and white images of the members, along with an instrumental track that teased the group’s new EP could have heavy guitar sounds.

I can’t wait to hear which genres LE SSERAFIM tackles with their next EP.