Lauren Pounds from 'The Ultimatum' on Netflix

Everything To Know About Lauren From The Ultimatum

Her arc on the show was unexpected.


When it comes to relationship dealbreakers, the concept of children (and whether or not to have them) tends to be one of the big ones. For Lauren Pounds on Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, that was the main issue standing between her and her boyfriend Nathan Ruggles. But even though Nathan wants to have kids and Lauren doesn’t, their time on The Ultimatum did not end as expected.

The whole point of The Ultimatum is to give couples the opportunity to explore relationships with other people before they commit to marriage. For Lauren, she needed some time to figure out if the fact that she doesn’t want kids was enough to stand in the way of a long-term commitment to Nathan. She and Nathan spent a week getting to know the other people on the show, but when it came time to choose new partners for a trial relationship, Nathan surprised Lauren by getting down on one knee and proposing to her.

Lauren told TODAY that she and Nathan had discussed the possibility of getting engaged early the night before he popped the question. “I told him how depressed I was,” she said. “I was crying and not able to sleep, and was regretting coming on. He was like, ‘I'm just gonna propose to you, and let's just ride off into the sunset. And let's figure everything out.’”

Here’s everything to know about Lauren and her unexpected proposal:

Lauren Pounds’ Job

Lauren is a “craft cocktail creator, consumer, and enthusiast” according to her professional Instagram, Shake Shake Pour. On that account, she posts gorgeous photos of cocktails, along with the recipe for each one.

Before becoming a mixologist, Lauren worked as a coordinator and office manager at various companies, according to her LinkedIn. She graduated from Texas State University in 2016.

Lauren Pounds’ Social Media

Lauren posts a bunch on Instagram, especially photos of herself posing in various gorgeous locales. She’s posted from places like Colorado, Costa Rica, and Japan. Lauren’s travels are so important to her, in fact, that she has several highlight reels on her Instagram devoted to different places she’s visited.

Nathan is notably missing from Lauren’s IG grid, so it’s difficult to tell how their proposal turned out after the show. They left The Ultimatum as an engaged couple, but fans will just have to tune in to the reunion special to find out how that worked out.

The Ultimatum is streaming on Netflix now.