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Laganja Estranja recreated her 'Drag Race' Season 6 entrance for her 'All Stars 6' lip sync.

Laganja's Return For All Stars Was Instantly Iconic, And Drag Race Fans Can't Deal

Let's get sickening!


Back in 2014, one drag queen became instant meme gold by dropping into a death-defying dip while announcing her entrance into the Werk Room: “Oh y’all wanted a twist, eh? Come on, Season 6, let’s get sickening!” Laganja Estranja’s high-energy entrance quickly became one of the most iconic moments in Drag Race history, and after seven years away from the franchise, Laganja finally made her return to give the fans everything they’ve been wanting. The dancing diva was revealed as the lip sync assassin at the end of the Thursday, July 1 episode of All Stars 6, and to say that she stole the show would be a massive understatement.

After RuPaul declared Trinity K. Bonet the winner of the commercial acting challenge, it seemed like a done deal that TKB would take home the prize money given her legacy as one of Drag Race’s strongest lip syncers. But her hopes of fully conquering the episode were dashed before the lip sync song even began playing. Ever the stunt queen, Laganja wasted no time making her mark by upgrading her Season 6 entrance with a high-flying leap from the side of the stage and landing in a split.

As if that instantly iconic entrance wasn’t enough, Laganja proceeded to absolutely slay her performance of Dua Lipa’s “Physical” with more flips, splits, and tricks than has maybe ever been in a Drag Race lip sync. While TKB definitely held her own, Laganja was simply undeniable, and was declared the lip sync winner.

Twitter immediately exploded with praise and excitement for Laganja’s return, with many fans calling her performance the best lip sync in Drag Race history and freaking out over her recreated entrance.

Of course, all the praise also included several calls for Laganja to finally compete on a future All Stars season. Fans have wanted Laganja on All Stars for years, but the drag queen has consistently said she is not interested in returning as a contestant. Despite all the love she got from Season 6, Laganja did have a notoriously rough run on the show. Following the renewed attention from her All Stars 6 appearance, Laganja reminded fans she is still not interested in competing on Drag Race, stating she’d only return to the show as a choreographer in a similar vein as her drag mother Alyssa Edwards’ appearance on Season 11.

TBH, Laganja has given Drag Race fans so much already, and this new lip sync is sure to go down in herstory, so the fandom has so much to celebrate even if the queen of green decides All Stars isn’t for her.