Kylie Jenner Transforms Into A Freaky Zombie In Tyga's New Music Video

Tyga released a pretty spooky music video for his song "Dope'd Up," and it came just in time for Halloween.

In the video, Tyga and girlfriend Kylie Jenner (yes, it's really her) are riding along when their chauffeur unexpectedly pulls over because the car breaks down.

Tyga and Kylie are forced to walk home, but shortly find themselves in this haunted house filled with zombies and other terrifying creatures.

Kylie told Tyga in the beginning of the video she does NOT like scary movies, so she's probably scared to death this entire time. BE BRAVE, KYLIE. BE BRAVE.

In the end, Tyga realizes it was just a bad dream... that is until he notices there's a zombie sitting right next to him. KYLIE, IS THAT YOU?

Check out the music video in the clip above. I'm not quite sure what's scarier: going through the haunted house with them or seeing what Kylie looks like as a zombie.

Be brave, you guys. I'm here for you.

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