Kylie Jenner And Tyga Were Spotted Together Again And There Are Photos

Last week, Tyga's deleted Instagram picture of Kylie Jenner made the internet explode with chatter that the couple might be back on. Now we present you with EVEN MORE EVIDENCE.

They were spotted together again on Saturday cruising around in that mega outrageous $320,000 Ferrari 482 Italia Tyga gave to Kylie on her 18th birthday (NBD).

So just how big is this? ERM, ONLY PRETTY BIG.

The on-again, off-again lovebirds look like they were trying to get away with a sneaky date by shielding their faces from the camera, but nothing stops the photographer's mighty flash.

Sources said they hit up famous hot spot 10AK in Los Angeles. And one source told Us they were looking pretty coupley:

They were together the whole night. Kylie was hanging with Tyga and dancing around him. She wasn't hanging with anyone else. The definitely looked back together.

Kylie needs to make clear what the deal is with PartyNextDoor, because right now we're all a little confused by this 18-year-old's love life.