Kylie And Tyga Now Own A Dog Who's Worth A Crazy Amount Of Money (Photos)

It looks like Kylie and Tyga are ready for some family planning because they just adopted a bulldog puppy together.

If you follow Kylie, you know the girl loves her dogs. Even though she already has three Italian Greyhounds, the 18-year-old just added another member to her family.

This time, however, she's sharing with boyfriend Tyga.

In the past week, Kylie shared several Snapchats of the adorable spotted bulldog, Rolly.

According to TMZ, one Snapchat was captioned with "$50k," hinting that was the cost of her furry baby.

Several stars Instagrammed pictures with the puppy over the weekend to share their excitement for the new addition.

Kylie added a photo to show Rolly right at home. Doesn't it fit in perfectly?

Tyga snapped this photo with his furry pal chilling in his car. It looks like they're BFFs already.

Kendall posted this video of her playing around with the pup in bed.

Even Cara Delevingne cuddled up with the little cutie.

TMZ also reported Rolly was a thank you gift from the CEO of PingTank, Jeremy Greene.

Tyga and Kylie both helped start his new app, so it looks like the couple didn't actually pay for the pup. Either way, Christmas came early for them, and they couldn't be happier.

Good luck with parenting, Mom and Dad!

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