Kylie Jenner Showed Off Her Bare Ass While Wearing Her Mom's Old Swimsuit

Kylie Jenner showed off her bare booty while splashing around in the pool this weekend.

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star cooled down in her backyard while rocking a vintage white Chanel swimsuit.

According to Daily Mail, Kylie's one-piece was actually a hand-me-down from her mother.

Kris Jenner must have been quite the fashionista back in the day because this swimwear is hot AF. KILLIN' IT, MAMA J.

Kylie added videos to her Snapchat of her playing around in the pool, and the story is pretty hilarious.

She also gave a couple views of the junk in her trunk, so, there's that.

Look at silly little Kylie, joking around on a flying unicorn floaty. DON'T DROWN, KYLIE! Be careful!

Here's where things get extra bootylicious. Watch Kylie jump on a pair of lips and show off what her mama gave her.


Oh Kylie, you're just too much.

PS. Can we talk about how amazing her backyard is? Look at this place.

Be sure to check out Kylie's full Snapchat in the video at the top to see the highlights from Kylie's weekend.

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