Kylie Jenner Had This $5,000 Bracelet Stuck On Her Wrist For Years

Getty Images

Every year, countless rich teenagers fall victim to their own jewelry.

Apparently, for the past four years -- that's 22 percent of her life -- Kylie Jenner has been one of those rich teenagers.

Reportedly stuck in the prison that is her $5,000 Cartier LOVE bracelet, Kylie shared a video on Snapchat proving no human can free her from the hell of her own expensive accessories.

Kylie remained shackled in Cartier through photo shoots, parties and vacations.

"In the arms of the angel..."

"Fly away from here..."

"From this dark, cold hotel room..."

"...and the endlessness that you fear."

"You are pulled from the wreckage..."

"Of your silent reverie."

"You're in the arms of the angel..."

"...may you find some comfort here."

To rescue rich teens from their fancy possessions and prevent cases like Kylie's in the future, donate to the Bougie Teen Freedom Initiative.

Just 60 cents a day can provide bolt cutters for rich teens nationwide.

Along with your donation, you'll receive a selfie of a teen living free from the prison of jewelry, thanks to you.

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