Kristen Stewart And Jimmy Fallon Just Introduced An Epic New Drinking Game


Mark my words: Jell-O Shot Twister will SWEEP this nation's college campuses by 2017.

There has forever been a struggle amongst university students when it comes to making drinking fun. I'm not saying drinking isn't fun. It's probably the most fun thing you can do aside from jet skiing. It's just that it's the clunkiest action of all time. It's just pouring liquid into a cup, chugging as much as you can in a single gulp and then repeating that action.

Over time, drinking games were introduced into the mix, but they also seem pretty flawed. For example, if you really think about it, beer pong is all about NOT drinking. Your goal is to make the other team drink and you're rewarded for drinking less than them.

Flip cup addresses that game flaw but still has issues. It's a team-based game, which means if you're at the end of the flip-cup line, sometimes you don't even get to drink.

Jell-O Shot Twister, a game invented by Jimmy Fallon and introduced to Kristen Stewart while she was making a recent stop to “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,” fixes that.

It's the seamless type of drinking game everyone can partake in and get thoroughly sloshed during. The PERFECT solution.